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Yamaha Outboards provides industry-leading innovation, outstanding performance, incredible power, unequalled customer satisfaction and legendary reliability.

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Yamaha Engine Yamaha F115

Yamaha F115

The next generation of Yamaha’s F115 is the lightest four-stroke 115-horsepower outboard available. That and a host of great features and benefits means the new EFI F115 is poised to carry on in the Yamaha line as one of the company’s best-selling models.

Yamaha Engine Yamaha F150

Yamaha F150

The Yamaha F150 is quite possibly the most popular four-stroke 150-horsepower outboard of all time. With 16 valves (unlike one competitor with eight), the F150 has a sophisticated, yet proven design. Demand for the F150 is as high as ever. The reason: reliability. The Yamaha F150 is noted for accumulating a lot of trouble-free hours.

Yamaha Engine Yamaha F200

Yamaha F200

Yamaha’s new four-cylinder, four-stroke F200 is the lightest 200-hp four stroke on the market and can easily replace lower horsepower or larger V6 outboards and thereby increase the performance of mid-sized boats. At the same time, when used in twin applications, the new F200 can dramaticallyreduce overall weight on the transom.

Yamaha Engine Yamaha F300/F250/F225

Yamaha F300/F250/F225

When Yamaha launched the 4.2-liter V6 Offshore outboards in 2010, they arrived with the latest in digital electronic control to complement their dramatic improvements in weight, fuel efficiency and midrange punch over Yamaha’s 3.3-liter V6. Boaters were impressed with improvements in all performance criteria, thanks to new technology and big-bore power.